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Starting with small watercrafts and dinghies, EGE YAT developed bigger sail and motor boats along the years. In the course of time the company gained experience and obtained respect for production quality since 1978. At the beginning, USTUNDAG MARIN was born in 1994. The firm has designed and produced its own models. USTUNDAG MARIN built over 40 units of sailing boats and approximately 150 small boats like optimist and pirat models until the birth of EGE YAT Tourism Ltd. Co. in 2001. After EGE YAT has take over the production, producing quality is promoted to the European Standards, model range is diversified with brand-new models and first exportation to Europe is made with EGE 40 DS model sail boat. Nowadays EGE YAT keep growing and attracting attention with its 16 different size and model boats ranging between 5 m. to 16 m. including sail boats, motor yachts, optimists and pirats, in Turkey and all over the world.